What are the Pros and Cons of a Pellet Stove?

In this world where natural resources are limited, it is always better to use the least amount of resources over a longer period. The better we manage our own resources, the better we get along with nature. There are products invented for the purpose of lessening the usage of natural resources while getting the best quality of living. One of them is the pellet stove.

A pellet stove is a stove that is designed to burn compressed wood or biomass pellets. its purpose is like in the other heating systems, except the fact that it is designed to use lesser amount of fuel. When using a pellet stove, the efficiency factor can reach as high as 90% or more. With this, you don’t need to gather a lot of firewood for the winter just to keep your heating system running.

Just like all the products available in the market right now, the Stove Pellet also has benefits and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of using a Stove Pellet as a heat source at your home: Environmental friendliness, ease of usability, and cost of fuel.

Environmentally Friendly – This is so far the most important prospect of using a Pellet Stove. By using one, efficient burning is used and the ash from the burnt pellets are just 0.5 to 1%, which means that there is more heat released but lesser carbon dioxide. And since it uses biomass as fuel, it reduces the use of oil and other petroleum products.

Ease of Use – Pellet Stoves are also known for its ease of use. Anyone can control the appliance with just a remote or a room thermostat. You can also program how the machine will work via an app or a text message. This automation feature makes Pellet Stoves heaven-sent for people who like to sleep during the winter without worrying about anything.

Cheaper Fuel – Since biomass pellets such as Kingdom Biofuel are readily available in the market and can be replaced, it is way cheaper than petroleum fuels. And unlike electricity, you have more choices and options on how you’ll use your fuel. 

Of course, disadvantages are expected and just like any product, Pellet Stoves also have some. Here is the list of potential issues that are to be noted before you try Pellet Stoves: Maintenance, noise levels, and dependence on electricity.

Maintenance – Just like the traditional AC, Pellet Stoves also needs to be maintained in order to make its useful life longer. This includes vacuuming the burn pot and cleaning the whole thing once in a while.

Noise – Pellet stoves are noisy devices because they use a built-in ventilator. When turned on, this causes the motor to produce a lot of noise. This is being looked upon by stove manufacturers.

Electricity Dependent – Even though the device itself uses biomass pellets to produce heat, it requires electricity to be able to function. This is because of the built-in computer which makes automation work. However, if you look directly at its core concept, and the effect it has on the environment and the savings from oil consumption, the Pellet Stoves are really something to consider.