Using Stripes For Home Decoration

Using Stripes For Home Decoration

Using Stripes For Home Decoration

Stripes in the decoration of the House is very popular with people who have a bold vision to life. This does not mean that it is only intended for them, if. Whatever the perspective, a pinch of stripes in the lounge, you can add exotic touches you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to using stripes, however, there are some basic rules that you need to understand before entering this uncharted territory.

Why Stripes and where?

Stripes in the plane of your home decor is all about making a style statement. And remember, too many stripes are not official.

Your living room presents many options to add streaks. You can use Stripes in your walls, in your Chair on your window curtain, carpet floor and even in many pieces of decorations that adorn each normal living spaces.

What Kind of Stripes For Decor?

Then come the different lines that you can choose as well. A way to classify the guidelines. There are vertical and one horizontal. You can even use a slash in your lines/Stripes.

The next option is the size – there are thin thick lines. In the case of small rooms dense Stripes look better that they add to the volume of the room and vice versa. Thin vertical Stripes tend to make the largest roof than it is.

There’s the choice in colors. You can use “BOLD” colors or light. The contrast of colours are well in some places, but for the first time to better stick to same color family that scratches are less visible. So, you can have a combination of dark brown, light brown, Orange and yellow shades, just to cite an example. On the other hand, the blue and white stripes are the most popular.

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