Top 7 Greatest Home Decor Tips from the Pros

As we get older, decorating and redecorating become our passion, and no matter how many times we get to paint the walls a different color, buy new furniture or go antiquing in the hopes of refreshing our tired-looking space, it just never gets old. Our skin way wrinkle, we may be in a career rut, our cougar finder profile may not see any activity for months, but no matter where we are in our lives, a small redecorating project is bound to fight off signs of depression, lack of purpose in life or any blues that threaten to put a damper on our day. No matter your budget, we’ve got a list of tips that will not break the bank and will bring just the right amount of inspiration for you to get off the old couch and hit a few furniture stores.

1.     Mix Time Periods

Mixing up old and new ensures your home doesn’t look sterile or like a showroom either. Include 19th-century style chairs and a rustic coffee table that’s been restored to serve its purpose again, and watch your room go from neutral to astounding without much redecorating or spending obscene amounts of money on expensive modern furniture.

2.     Tackle Your Fear of Commitment

Hiring a high-end designer to decorate your house or buying expensive furnishings is all nice and dandy but it comes with a teeny tiny problem – what happens when you get sick of it in three or four years? Do you shell out an enormous amount of cash to make your home pretty again? No. Tackling your fear of commitment comes down to replacing the little details that actually make up the design of any room. For instance, you can change your light fixtures every once in a while, and the effect on your perception will be amazing.

3.     Use Your Wall as a Canvas

Does that mean hanging paintings to make it look like a museum wall? Not really. All you need is some wall-paper with a wow factor that is adapted to the room, and you can ‘paint’ or depict any kind of scene, mood or landscape.

4.     One-of-a-Kind Detail

The devil is in the details and you’ll give your room the design you wish not with large pieces of furniture but with the little details carefully sprinkled all over it. If those details also happen to be one-of-a-kind, the results of your design efforts will be beautiful. You don’t have to think thoroughly before you make every single aesthetic decision, and if you just let your artistic side guide you through the process, your room can turn out to be unexpectedly stunning.

5.     Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

You might have your eyes on the most elaborate couch in the showroom, but your back might disagree with your taste in furniture. When decorating a room, think practicality in addition to the visually appealing because your furniture also has to serve a purpose other than ‘looking pretty’. If the chairs you think are gorgeous are too tall, pass on them and find something that is nice enough but that won’t make your back or knee pain act up again.

6.     Add a Touch of the Outdoors

Driftwood, plants, and greenery in general balance out the sharp and sleek lines so typical of contemporary furniture. A few touches from the outdoors bring tranquility into the room and make it feel more natural, giving it a sense of warmth.

7.     Add Faux Fur

Just like in fashion, faux fur adds a sense of luxury to your home design and brings a touch of variety into your space. Look for a luscious texture in that rug, blanket or upholstery that not only elevate the space but make it look cozy no matter which style you opt for.