Top 4 Small-Space Decorative Tips

Millennials and people living in large cities are used to the fact that we’ll never live in huge spaces like our parents, and nobody knows better than us how small quarters can sometimes feel claustrophobic or just cramped with stuff. Perhaps that’s why many of us are members of an online dating club – we can’t bring a date home because there is just no room! Luckily, the creative minds from the world of interior design are working day and night to come up with the most effective ideas on how to make the most out of a small room or apartment. Today, we take a look at a few of their tips in terms of design and the way they think and assess any space before putting it to use.

1.    Think Up

Getting a ladder should probably be the first thing on your shopping list when moving into a small place. This is because you can increase your storage space by installing extra-tall shelves or cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. So instead of thinking out, you can think up and utilize the space that you actually have –in the air. For instance, you can have an extra-tall kitchen or get a bookshelf that reaches up high and slides open to reveal a bathroom or a bedroom door.

2.    Design Every Inch of your Open Pantry

No room for a pantry? That shouldn’t be a problem because all you need is a shelving system where you’ll put breathable baskets, pots, cups, and anything that can serve a decorating purpose, and have an open-style pantry in your kitchen. Use it to store dry goods, such as sugar, flour, coffee or tea. If your pantry looks like a shelf straight out of a home decorating magazine, chances are you’ll appreciate how it serves its purpose and won’t mind having it on display because it’s designer heaven.

3.    Don’t Forget the Area under the Stairway

If you live in a two-story apartment or bungalow, don’t forget to put the area under the stairway to good use. This is an often overlooked part of the house that can be packed with stuff that is otherwise lying around. Decorative drawers or shelves that match the staircase and add a little bit of charm to the place are a great way to maximize this space and put seasonal stuff in there, like hats and scarves, or kids toys. There are always creative ways to utilize any space and make it appealing, but in small quarters any space pretty much translates to every space.

4.    Retro Appliances Are Back

Consider purchasing retro appliances for your kitchen, such as a fridge, for example. A retro fridge is considerably smaller, and in many cases a modern one is actually twice the size of a vintage-inspired fridge that also comes in many different colors, making it a perfect focal point wherever you put it. Retro appliances serve the exact same purpose as state-of-the-art appliances, and you won’t have to sacrifice function, while they add a decorative charm and are great for small kitchens.