The Aging Rooftop: When It’s Time For a Replacement

The average homeowner can go for years without a thought to the rooftop above. It’s merely a reliable part of the structure. However, roofs have particular lifespans. They’ll start declining at a certain point. Discover the features that should tell you when a roof is ready for replacement. This investment protects the entire home over the years.

Numbered in Decades

It’s time to replace your rooftop when its age is literally several decades long. Standard shingles last around 30 years before they truly break down. It’s always better to replace the roof before it outright fails. Major problems occur inside the home, including flooding, when proper maintenance and replacement times aren’t adhered to by the homeowner.

Curling Shingles

Every exterior remodeling Portland OR professional will tell homeowners that curled shingles are a sign of serious decline. Shingles are relatively thick materials when they’re brand new. As weathering effects strike them, the materials break down. Wind will eventually curl the shingles upward. Moisture can easily infiltrate the rooftop when the shingles aren’t pressed against the sheathing. Avoid household damage with a replacement rooftop.

Missing Materials

Take a look at the rooftop. If you see any materials that are missing from it, it’s a sign that they’re declining in quality. Roofers can certainly patch these areas, but it’s a temporary measure. You’ll end up calling on a regular basis for even further repairs. Replacing the roof solves the material issue for decades to come.

Granules on the Ground

A distinct problem that’s often overlooked is granules on the ground. Shingles decline over many years. You might notice tiny pebbles appearing on the ground, such as after a rainstorm. These pebbles are actually granules from the shingles themselves. At some point, there won’t be much material left on the shingles to protect the rooftop.

It may be tempting to try a replacement on your own, but refrain from this idea. The rooftop is a complex area that deserves a professional’s evaluation. You’ll be rewarded with a strong rooftop and solid warranty after the professional installation.