Modernize Your Business With Storefront Glazing

Storefront glazing is a feature of modern architecture that basically refers to glass walls in the front of a business enterprise, such as banks or department stores. Storefront glaze consists of glass panels that are supported by a metal framework.

If you own or plan on opening a business, a storefront commercial premises would be your best bet. In the world of aesthetics, the exterior of your business can determine the traffic of customers directed your way. In fact, a uniquely designed store or a facility can tremendously impact your business. This is because when consumers shop or avail services, they’re not only looking into the products they’re buying but also the experience of exploring and buying it. Therefore, the exterior of your business serves as a reflection of what your company is. Modernizing your business appeal with storefront glass is a visual representation of how latest and up to date your product line or services are.

In addition, there are some distinct advantages of storefront glazing; these advantages range across a variety of factors:


The glass can be installed in a pre-cut form meaning it could be cut at the factory according to the required dimensions and secured in frames, or it can be cut on the spot by glaziers and then positioned into its place. The glass can be mounted using any of the following:

– Cement
– Bolts
– Gaskets
– Glazing compound
– Clips
– Moldings

All in all, the installation process is quick and requires less time compared to the construction of any wall. This allows for the construction project to wrap up sooner so that the business can start pulling in customers. When it comes to businesses saving time reflects positively on their profit margin, as time is an opportunity to earn money itself.


Glass glazing serves a number of purposes ranging from providing structural support, to resisting breakage, to preventing chipping and cracks from forming. In a nutshell, a glass glazing plays the same role as that of any traditional wall but with the addition of aesthetics and energy saving benefits. Depending on your choice of glass, a storefront glazing can reduce energy consumption by utilizing sunlight for illumination. By drawing in sunlight, it also offers a natural ambiance that can make customers feel more lively.


Storefront glazing enhances the appearance of a store so much so that customers are lured in with curiosity or to explore what’s inside. The appeal of a glass front also seems welcoming as it displays an open environment. Using glass panels offers a variety of exterior designs that clients can choose from, and if they want they can even opt for customized looks. In fact, glass glazing can even be used to feature contemporary designs for windows.

However, your choice of storefront glazing must comply with building codes. Building codes vary by location, and it is best to view the codes pertinent to your area before you decide on dealing with a glazier company.