Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

A self-storage unit is beneficial whether you need somewhere to keep your belongings while you’re moving from one home to another or if you need additional space for your belongings because it doesn’t exist in your home. Storage units are beneficial because they come in all sizes and are often climate-controlled to protect the items that you put inside. When you begin putting things in the unit, there are a few tips for organization to keep in mind to make it easier to get to what you need in the future.


Before putting anything in your unit from a self storage reston va company, you need to clean the unit. Make sure there are no bugs and no signs of bugs or mice that have been there in the past. You can also put a plastic tarp on the floor or large pieces of plastic if you don’t have a tarp to act as a barrier between your boxes and furniture and the floor.

Add Labels

As you pack items in boxes, put a large label on the outside so that you clearly know what is inside. Use labels that are brightly colored to make it a little easier to see the labels on the boxes when they are inside the unit. Another option is to color-coordinate the labels with specific rooms in your home, such as blue for your bathroom or green for your kitchen. A permanent marker is usually the best tool to use when writing on labels because the ink won’t fade as quickly as other writing utensils.


The things that you know you will need before others should be placed at the front of your storage unit. Keep a list of the items that you need to get to first so that you know where they are instead of searching through boxes. You could even put these items in a different kind of box to make it easier to find among the other containers in the storage unit.

Heavy Boxes as a Base

Although it seems like common sense, some people don’t think about putting heavy items at the bottom of the unit with the lighter boxes on top. The heavier boxes will create a sturdy base for the boxes that have clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, and lighter items inside. When you’re stacking boxes, you need to think about the placement of them in the unit. Avoid putting items on the edges of boxes to prevent them from falling over. Center smaller boxes on top of those that are larger for balance as this will keep everything in one place and provide unison with the items that you store.


Avoid putting boxes in just any spot in the unit. You need some kind of organization so that everything fits inside. Create a pathway to reach your larger pieces of furniture and the items that are in the back of the unit. Start by putting the largest and heaviest items at the back of the unit because these are usually the things that you won’t need right away.