7 Easy Hacks To Cool Your Home

If your home gets uncomfortably hot in summer and you don’t have an air conditioner or you don’t want to use it then there are many cheap and easy hacks to cool down your home. Below are our 7 top home heat hacks to survive the Australian summer.

How to keep your house cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

1. Lots of insulation! Many people when they hear of insulation they think of keeping your home warm but really it means being able to separate the temperature inside your home from the temperature outside your home. It works just the same in summer, good insulation, particularly in the roof of your house will mean that the heat from outside cannot easily invade the inside of your house and the cooler temperature you create with fans, shade, air conditioning and the likes is more effective at staying inside your house.

2. Install a ceiling fan to move the air and increase your bodies natural ability to cool down via the process of evaporation. Evaporation of the sweat from your skin is how you eliminate body heat. The more breeze means more evaporation and the cooler you will feel.  Ceiling Fans in Australia are very popular because a good ceiling fan can add a breeze to an entire room or patio area. If you can’t install a ceiling fan then try a portable pedestal fan or desktop fan which you can move around with you to direct the breeze at your body. Even a hand made paper fan will work!

3. Another thing you can do is install a roof cover like a carport or patio, shade sail or tarpaulin cover to keep the sun off your outdoor areas, not only does this give you shady outdoor areas to spend time … Read the rest

The Aging Rooftop: When It’s Time For a Replacement

The average homeowner can go for years without a thought to the rooftop above. It’s merely a reliable part of the structure. However, roofs have particular lifespans. They’ll start declining at a certain point. Discover the features that should tell you when a roof is ready for replacement. This investment protects the entire home over the years.

Numbered in Decades

It’s time to replace your rooftop when its age is literally several decades long. Standard shingles last around 30 years before they truly break down. It’s always better to replace the roof before it outright fails. Major problems occur inside the home, including flooding, when proper maintenance and replacement times aren’t adhered to by the homeowner.

Curling Shingles

Every exterior remodeling Portland OR professional will tell homeowners that curled shingles are a sign of serious decline. Shingles are relatively thick materials when they’re brand new. As weathering effects strike them, the materials break down. Wind will eventually curl the shingles upward. Moisture can easily infiltrate the rooftop when the shingles aren’t pressed against the sheathing. Avoid household damage with a replacement rooftop.

Missing Materials

Take a look at the rooftop. If you see any materials that are missing from it, it’s a sign that they’re declining in quality. Roofers can certainly patch these areas, but it’s a temporary measure. You’ll end up calling on a regular basis for even further repairs. Replacing the roof solves the material issue for decades to come.

Granules on the Ground

A distinct problem that’s often overlooked is granules on the ground. Shingles decline over many years. You might notice tiny pebbles appearing on the ground, such as after a rainstorm. These pebbles are actually granules from the shingles themselves. At some point, there won’t be much material left on the shingles to protect the … Read the rest

Real Estate – Long Before The Open House Day

Selling a house is not an easy task. There may be so many events – both uneventful and emotional – taking place during the process. Planning ahead will take away most of the headaches that you will encounter. Planning involves the reason to sell your house. What do you intend to do with the money? What is the major motivator to selling? Do you plan to spend it in the next few years? Are you trying to put a down payment for a bigger, better house? Do you plan to retire or move out of state and the money is your only savings? These are the doubts that are natural to occur. 

The ideal situation is that you answer yes to one of the above questions. But in a not-so-ideal world there are many painful points to explore. What if the house doesn’t get sold for your asking price? What if the buyer walks away a week before closing? As you can see there are many ‘what-ifs’. Then there is the time when you figure out the rock-bottom price you are willing to let the house go for. Remember, to keep this number a secret. Your buyer or real estate agent shouldn’t know how low you will go. Planning also involves preparing the necessary paperwork before the agent or buyer gets to inspect the house inside out. If you are following all these rules religiously, your time and effort will be rewarded in dollars the day of the final sale. 

Now let us move on to the practical aspect of home selling process, away from the paper and notepad version of planning. This means making the house somewhat ready in anticipation that the agent will look at it objectively. Getting your house ready is not exactly an open house but … Read the rest

What are the Pros and Cons of a Pellet Stove?

In this world where natural resources are limited, it is always better to use the least amount of resources over a longer period. The better we manage our own resources, the better we get along with nature. There are products invented for the purpose of lessening the usage of natural resources while getting the best quality of living. One of them is the pellet stove.

A pellet stove is a stove that is designed to burn compressed wood or biomass pellets. its purpose is like in the other heating systems, except the fact that it is designed to use lesser amount of fuel. When using a pellet stove, the efficiency factor can reach as high as 90% or more. With this, you don’t need to gather a lot of firewood for the winter just to keep your heating system running.

Just like all the products available in the market right now, the Stove Pellet also has benefits and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of using a Stove Pellet as a heat source at your home: Environmental friendliness, ease of usability, and cost of fuel.

Environmentally Friendly – This is so far the most important prospect of using a Pellet Stove. By using one, efficient burning is used and the ash from the burnt pellets are just 0.5 to 1%, which means that there is more heat released but lesser carbon dioxide. And since it uses biomass as fuel, it reduces the use of oil and other petroleum products.

Ease of Use – Pellet Stoves are also known for its ease of use. Anyone can control the appliance with just a remote or a room thermostat. You can also program how the machine will work via an app or a text message. This automation feature makes Pellet Stoves heaven-sent for … Read the rest

Enhance Your Home with Timeless Wood

Have you ever noticed how every antique store seems to be filled with beautiful furniture made of cherry, walnut, or mahogany? When you think of a historical home, what’s the first material that comes to mind? It’s likely wood. This is because wood is long-lasting and has proven its reputation as a classic over time. From hardwood floors to wooden furniture or wall trim, there are many ways to incorporate this material into your home.

A natural element like wood can provide a timeless foundation for your design scheme, even if your preferences change over time! While patterns and colors can become dated, wood is versatile, and looks just as at home with minimal neutrals as it would with bright, textured elements. Wood can grow along with you. By updating the stain colors of the wood elements in your home, your décor will gain an entirely new feel.

Wood is as beautiful as it is durable, and lustrous hardwood floors are resistant to damage. While carpet has been the preferred style of years past, more and more homeowners are turning to hardwood floors to enhance their interior design vision. Although carpet provides a plush, luxurious feel, over time this floor covering can become dull, dingy, and retain dirt. Hardwood floors repel stains from spilled beverages or dirty shoes worn indoors. These floors are especially advantageous for pet owners, as not only will shed hairs not be held by fibers in carpet, but the floors will be resistant to scratches. While carpet can only be cleaned so effectively and so often, wood floors can be completely refinished to a brand-new appearance no matter when they were originally installed.

Investing in timeless, lasting hardwood floors can also increase the value of your home. That said, installing hardwood floors doesn’t have to be … Read the rest

How Tile Backsplash Can Update Your Home

We all want to make our homes look better. Making your home look and feel better will not only help you to enjoy your home, but it will also help to increase the value of your property. This will come in handy if you ever decide to sell. There are many updates that you can do for your home. One great thing to do is to add a tile backsplash.

What is a Tile Backsplash?

tile backsplash is where you can put tiles on the walls of your home. This backsplash will help to protect the walls of your home and give your home a beautiful look. The most common place for a backsplash in the kitchen. You will put this backsplash behind your oven. Backsplashes can also be used in a broad variety of places. If you have a fireplace, you can put these tiles around to refurbish your fireplace. You can also place backsplashes in your bathroom to give your bathroom a better look as well as protecting the wall from water splashes. Some people even choose to use backsplash tile on an entire wall. This helps to give the home a unique look.

Glass Backsplashes

There are many different types of backsplashes that are made out of different materials. One of the more popular styles of backsplashes is glass. Glass backsplashes can help your space look bigger and can help your home look brighter. Glass backsplashes are especially great for those who have small and cramped spaces.
Glass backsplashes will come in a broad variety of shapes, designs, and colors. No matter what you might want in a backsplash, you will have no trouble finding it. If you want to change the color of your bathroom, to be highlighted in pink and blue, you will have … Read the rest

Water Leaks; A Common Commercial Plumbing Problem

If you are managing a business, plumbing problems can be very stressing because it messes up the productivity of your business. Being aware and understanding the common commercial plumbing problems is the only way to keep your business running all the time. Plumbing problems come at times when they are least expected. Ignoring these leaking pipes will create havoc on your entire business or even home.

Common plumbing problems include

  • Sewer leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Recurrent draining congestion
  • Faucet Leaks
  • Stubborn water leaks
  • Hot water heater problems

How can you detect a water leak?

An early detection of a water leak can save you a lot of money as well as avoid possible catastrophes. There are some things that might indicate a water leak in your home and calls for quick action.

Check the water meter

This is one of the best ways to identify if you have a leaking pipe. First, turn off all the water in your home or business; also make sure that some appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine are switched off. Then, go to the water meter and check for any change. If you notice a change, it is likely that you have a leak. You can also wait for two hours and check later if there is no immediate change.

Underground leak detection

It can be very hard to detect a leak in an underground pipe. It is always vital to check for portions of your surrounding that are always wet. You might be having an underground leak. You can also look at the driveway, or street for indication of a water flow. This might be a puddle of water that is always wet, it never dries. Another way of detecting underground leaks is through the sound of leaks. Underground leaks produce actual noise … Read the rest

Modernize Your Business With Storefront Glazing

Storefront glazing is a feature of modern architecture that basically refers to glass walls in the front of a business enterprise, such as banks or department stores. Storefront glaze consists of glass panels that are supported by a metal framework.

If you own or plan on opening a business, a storefront commercial premises would be your best bet. In the world of aesthetics, the exterior of your business can determine the traffic of customers directed your way. In fact, a uniquely designed store or a facility can tremendously impact your business. This is because when consumers shop or avail services, they’re not only looking into the products they’re buying but also the experience of exploring and buying it. Therefore, the exterior of your business serves as a reflection of what your company is. Modernizing your business appeal with storefront glass is a visual representation of how latest and up to date your product line or services are.

In addition, there are some distinct advantages of storefront glazing; these advantages range across a variety of factors:


The glass can be installed in a pre-cut form meaning it could be cut at the factory according to the required dimensions and secured in frames, or it can be cut on the spot by glaziers and then positioned into its place. The glass can be mounted using any of the following:

– Cement
– Bolts
– Gaskets
– Glazing compound
– Clips
– Moldings

All in all, the installation process is quick and requires less time compared to the construction of any wall. This allows for the construction project to wrap up sooner so that the business can start pulling in customers. When it comes to businesses saving time reflects positively on their profit margin, as time is an opportunity to earn … Read the rest

Eye Catching Luminous Antique Lighting

Decorating a house can bring out particular feelings based on the lighting. Homes with dimmer lighting sometimes can feel rustic or historical. Homes that are equipped with crystal embellished lighting can feel regal and sophisticated. There are many ways to achieve certain atmospheres within your home based on the lighting you choose.

Antique chandeliers can accomplish many decorative moods. There are many types available for purchase and each will offer different design features. To select a chandelier, you must first decide what region you prefer depicted within your home. Some common regional inspiration for chandeliers originates from countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Russia. If you are not certain about the region you wish to showcase within your home, you can take a different design selection path. Chandeliers are made of different metals and colors. Some metals that are used in chandeliers include bronze, steel, iron and giltwood.

Selecting the proper metal element and originating region are only two aspects to consider when selecting the proper chandelier. You may select an antique or new chandelier. If you are decorating with a used chandelier that may be a sought after antique, you should have all electrical checked for fire hazards. Some older light fixtures may need to have all of the wiring replaced.

Embellishments are other key factors to consider when selecting a light fixture. Crystal embellished chandeliers are often used to create a brighter space. The light reflects off of the crystals and can establish a sophisticated and regal feel in any room. These types of chandeliers are commonly found in foyers and dining rooms, but miniature versions are available to use as wash room accent lighting. These sophisticated light fixtures have become quite popular in children’s bedrooms as well. Often times the crystal embellished chandeliers that are found … Read the rest

Top 4 Small-Space Decorative Tips

Millennials and people living in large cities are used to the fact that we’ll never live in huge spaces like our parents, and nobody knows better than us how small quarters can sometimes feel claustrophobic or just cramped with stuff. Perhaps that’s why many of us are members of an online dating club – we can’t bring a date home because there is just no room! Luckily, the creative minds from the world of interior design are working day and night to come up with the most effective ideas on how to make the most out of a small room or apartment. Today, we take a look at a few of their tips in terms of design and the way they think and assess any space before putting it to use.

1.    Think Up

Getting a ladder should probably be the first thing on your shopping list when moving into a small place. This is because you can increase your storage space by installing extra-tall shelves or cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. So instead of thinking out, you can think up and utilize the space that you actually have –in the air. For instance, you can have an extra-tall kitchen or get a bookshelf that reaches up high and slides open to reveal a bathroom or a bedroom door.

2.    Design Every Inch of your Open Pantry

No room for a pantry? That shouldn’t be a problem because all you need is a shelving system where you’ll put breathable baskets, pots, cups, and anything that can serve a decorating purpose, and have an open-style pantry in your kitchen. Use it to store dry goods, such as sugar, flour, coffee or tea. If your pantry looks like a shelf straight out of a home decorating magazine, chances … Read the rest