7 Easy Hacks To Cool Your Home

If your home gets uncomfortably hot in summer and you don’t have an air conditioner or you don’t want to use it then there are many cheap and easy hacks to cool down your home. Below are our 7 top home heat hacks to survive the Australian summer.

How to keep your house cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

1. Lots of insulation! Many people when they hear of insulation they think of keeping your home warm but really it means being able to separate the temperature inside your home from the temperature outside your home. It works just the same in summer, good insulation, particularly in the roof of your house will mean that the heat from outside cannot easily invade the inside of your house and the cooler temperature you create with fans, shade, air conditioning and the likes is more effective at staying inside your house.

2. Install a ceiling fan to move the air and increase your bodies natural ability to cool down via the process of evaporation. Evaporation of the sweat from your skin is how you eliminate body heat. The more breeze means more evaporation and the cooler you will feel.  Ceiling Fans in Australia are very popular because a good ceiling fan can add a breeze to an entire room or patio area. If you can’t install a ceiling fan then try a portable pedestal fan or desktop fan which you can move around with you to direct the breeze at your body. Even a hand made paper fan will work!

3. Another thing you can do is install a roof cover like a carport or patio, shade sail or tarpaulin cover to keep the sun off your outdoor areas, not only does this give you shady outdoor areas to spend time in but it also stop the rays from hitting the top and sides of your house and heating it up.

4. Window panes allow a lot of heat in, consider getting multiple curtains or blinds to allow light but not heat through. If your house has many windows, this has a big effect because it can reduce the temperature in the house. Additionally you can install a shade on the outside of the window, this is even more effective but many do not like the look of this since it was very popular in the 80’s and is now a bit dated. Another option is to stick a tinted film on your windows that acts like sunglasses and stops so much heat and light from pouring in through the glass.

5. Be aware of when and how you open the windows, if your house has been well designed it will have the ability to open small windows low down and high up. This allows convection currents to draw cool air in through the lower windows and since hot air rises the hot air will flow out through the higher windows creating a natural cooling circulation in the room. Even if your home does not have this ability you can make the most of temperature changes by opening the windows in the morning, evening and night time when it is cooler and keeping them closed through the heat of the day to stop the hot humid outside air from getting in. Or if you must open windows in the day open only the ones on the shaded side and keeping nay on the sun side closed.

6. Plant trees around the outside of your home to create shade, you can plant trees strategically so the sun doesn’t come straight in through the window or you can make a vertical garden on the wall. The existence of trees and plants on your property not only adds shade but absorbs sunlight with minimal reflection to cool the entire area. Trees and plants are also good for your health creating fresh air and encouraging a calm atmosphere.

7. The last tip is to limit the amount of electrical appliances you use, lights in particular can be very inefficient, always turning some of the electrical power into heat as a byproduct of producing light, so too with most other electrical appliances, I am sure at times you have felt the heat your computer can generate so leaving necessary electrical appliances and lights off can make a noticeable difference.

Remember the heat can be very dangerous causing dehydration, exhaustion and even heat stroke so it is important to stay out of that hot australian sun and drink plenty of water.